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Lucy Meets the Queen discussion

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I love this one. Everything from Lucy trying to make the Windsor guard smile, to the jokes about Buckingham Palace being a regular old house (and I'm sure they leave the milk out on the front porch!) and Lucy's performance at Oxford Circus. I love the music. 


:lucysmirk: :If you don't let me be in your show I'll give you SUCH a punch you'll talk funnier than you do now! 



:lucyblah: :Didn't you hear him? He said "bleblublublueblubeblbe!" 


:viv1: Imagine me meeting a Queen! I'm scared!

:bill1: : You're scared? Think of the Queen! 


I wish they said who played the Windsor Guard. he was cute! I heard that he sort of did smile in his scene. His lips turned up a little. lol. I wonder if Desilu actually was able to get an actual Guard from Buckingham Palace to appear on the show. People have made the Windsor guards smile, I've seen it on Youtube. I even saw a video of one pacing back and forth and he puked . . . and kept right on pacing. I don't think it's right to make a mockery of the Guards. If I ever go to London I wouldn't even try. 

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