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Ogden Drive house hits the market


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The iconic TV star’s grandfather used to host Communist Party meetings here


Gee, that subheading, was that really necessary???  Geez....


I think it's an extensively remodeled Craftsman...which I love, would be my preference if I had the means to buy something.  Yes, LA real estate is ridiculous but I guess that just goes with the old cliche, "Location, location, location...."..and it's not even in a tony neighborhood like Beverly Hills or Larchmont! :blink:


I'm sure the house never looked this "done" back in the day when Lucy lived there (did she own it outright or just rent, I don't remember?) and they did some amazing renovations -- I would certainly be happy there...and glad they seemed to keep it's original "integrity."  That kitchen! The tiled bathroom...wow.  Ah...if only.  :lucyhmm:

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