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OUR Dann Cahn Edited "Dolls"??!

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I was perusing Blu-Ray.com for some new releases and their reviews and came upon one for the newly-released "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls", a Russ Meyer film written by the late great Chicago-based film critic, Roger Ebert and was blown away to find skimming the bonus features a familiar name pop up, the film's editor Mr. DANN CAHN!!!  :HALKING:


Yup, it appears our own Desilu veteran film editor was not only the editor for this "cult classic" (I've never seen it but apparently it has quite the ....reputation) but also is featured in the disc's Bonus Features, having participated in one of the interviews regarding the project.


Here's a brief description from the review mentioning Dann:

  • Above, Beneath and Beyond the Valley - the archival featurette, examines the vision and cinematic style of director Russ Meyer, as well as the controversial qualities of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls that made the film a cult classic. Included in it are clips from interviews with critic Roger Ebert, Stan Berkowitz (Russ Meyer production assistant), Manny Diez (assistant to Russ Meyer), Jimmy McDonough (Russ Meyer biographer), editor Dann Cahn, John LaZar, David Ansen (critic, Newsweek), and writer Nathan Rabin, amongst others. In English, not subtitled. (31 min).

Unlike a couple of the other "behind the scenes" features/interviews, this one doesn't state when it was shot/recorded, so that's something else I'm curious about.


I'm not totally sure why -- perhaps because it just seems so "out there" in relation to most the other stuff he did over the years, based not only on what we know about his Desilu Days but also his lengthy, impressive list of credits -- but I find Dann's participation with this film fascinating!! ("Story, what makes you think there's a story??")  Sure would love to know more about it!! :blink:


If anyone else out there has more info as to his involvement with this "which one is not like the others" project, PLEASE share!


Here's the disc review in full:



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