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I Love Lucy ratings

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Was watching an old episode of Biography channel about "Liberace"---made back when Biography was still making documentaries about people I care about.


Narrator Peter Graves made this statement about the syndicated "Liberace" 1/2 hr. show in the 50s.

"Liberace's TV show was a huge hit and got HIGHER ratings than I Love Lucy"  ??!!


I can't remember if those Biography shows played loose with facts.  I assume they got this statement from some source, but how can they compare the ratings of a network show with a syndicated show, aired at different times in different markets?


I've read that his show was a big, and rather surprising hit.  It was done on film, very cheap production values and some comedy with canned laughs of course.  A lot of cutaway shots of Liberace winking at camera.  When you have someone sitting at piano, there are only so many angles of shots you can have.  Was probably a once a week show. 



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