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Only 17 % of people pass this test.  I don't know if that means getting them ALL right.


I missed ONE, but I OBJECT---because it contains a factual error.  I'll reveal it after you all see how you do.

Some are incredibly simple and it's no spoiler that I give away that the dress designer Lucy meets in Hollywood is Don Loper and NOT William Holden or Cornel Wilde. (It's a 3-answer multiple choice quiz).


Tell me if you spot the error. 




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Bah! That ONE question.


Are we talking about the same one?   The "correct" answer mentions that this "guest" was the star of another series (which they named) when she was not.  

And the actual star of that show is one of the multiple choice options but did her two Lucy guesting stints on Here's?

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That's the question I messed up.


You didn't mess up.  THEY did.  I'm talking in code in case someone wants to take the quiz without prior knowledge, but this person did NOT star in this particular series.  I don't think she was ever on it, though she may have been because of the cross-over from the show she DID star in. 

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