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Cher, Bette, Elton, Flip in 2025


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Pretty interesting in that this 1975 Cher special is showing what the stars will be like 50 years hence in 2025,  which is only EIGHT YEARS FROM NOW.

As a demographic group, old(er) people are almost always depicting in a ludicrous way, doddering and senile with many reference to their inabilities.  I'm surprised they haven't risen up in protest because (while usually funny), the portrayals are  pretty degrading and relegate them to non-person status.  I wonder how funny Cher, Bette and Elton will find this if they all actually reach 2025. 


I only wish the producers of variety shows in the 70s had been able to find some middle ground between the actual audience response (if there was any) and the explosive,obviously 'enhanced' laughter at every line.  I wish they hadn't done this because  it ruins a lot of these shows for me, which might otherwise be enjoyable.  Not everything needs to be portrayed as HILARIOUS!!!

If you want to see the difference, the "Maude: Entire Series" DVD set includes two episodes never aired.  The actual audience response remains intact.  It's tepid (as were the episodes hence the reason they didn't air) but to me preferable to what I submit as Exhibit A in the murder case: The People vs. George Schlatter:  How his technique murdered TV Variety Shows. 

Some of the pleasure of watching I Love Lucy is reveling in the unrestrained joy the studio audiences felt seeing this stuff for the first time. One of my favorite, audience response-wise is "The Operetta".   Of course ILL was not above "sweetening" but it was usually not to cover for so-so material, usually used to cover an edit point. 



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Well, to be fair, technology is such that Cher and Bette have avoided this fate. ;)

Dying to know what you're implying but the use of the word "technology".... I can see in Cher's case for example (where it's much more obvious) where some "hydraulics" (ahem) have been employed but in Bette's I'm not as sure... Hmmm. :lucyhmm:

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