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I'm on my way to Cuba . . . C-U-B-A

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I'll be going there this weekend, but I won't be anywhere near Santiago.  It would take forever to get there from Havana, where I'll be for the most part.  Cuba is huge -- about 10 times the size of the entire state of Hawaii.  It's a very long island, almost as long as California.  Havana is on one end and Santiago is on the other.  Besides the long distance between the two cities, transportation is apparently very bad, further limiting access.  I've seen pictures of Santiago and it looks beautiful.  Maybe one of these days I'll get there.  For now, it's Havana and the western side.  Have any of you been to Cuba?  If so, other than a lot of very old cars and people in need of a lot of basic necessities, can you tell me what to expect?

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Did you see the Conan in Cuba special? Also could you upload some pics here of your trip?


I heard about Conan broadcasting from there, but I didn't see it.  And sure, I will upload pictures.  But that probably won't happen until after I get back as I understand Internet in Cuba is less than adequate.

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My aunt spent three weeks there in December. She knows I'm a Lucy fan and she visited Santiago and other cities. Of course nobody there knows who Desi Arnaz is and she apparently had some song clips I had sent her on her phone and played those for the people there who apparently thought it was strange that this was probably the most famous Cuban except for Castro and they never heard of him!

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