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Pete & Gladys

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Here's a little video I put together of Cara Williams in Pete & Gladys, a show that gets no attention at all these days.  It was aired from 1960 to 1962, coincidentally the two seasons, except for "The Good Years" and a couple of guest shots, there was NO Lucy.  And coincidentally #2: airing on Monday night.  So when Lucy "bowed out after 23 years" (as TV Guide put it) in 1974, she was represented in these two years only by weekday morning reruns of I Love Lucy.


Cara had all those qualities we love in Lucy.  She was not an "imitation" but the comedy was so similar in tone that a comparison was inevitable.  Cara received an Emmy nod as Best Actress in a Series (comedy or drama) which is quite an accomplishment because comedies like P&G rarely received Emmy recognition.  (The winner was Shirley "Hazel" Booth).  

Too bad the "Pete & Gladys" series itself wasn't a little better.  Quality-wise, it reminds me of the 3rd season of The Lucy Show.  There was a gem here and there, mixed in with some duffers and logic-ignoring scripts, but Cara was able to lift the comedy to a higher level, sometimes instilling heart.  She is not given the credit she deserves.  

Schiller and Weisskopf wrote a handful, the only Lucy writers to work on this series.  Appearing occasionally as Pete's "Uncle Paul" was Gale Gordon (9 years older than 'nephew' Harry Morgan), around whom Gladys gets very accident-prone, solidifying the comparison between this and The Lucy Show.  


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"Here's a little video I put together of Cara Williams in Pete & Gladys,"....


Neil:  is Cara the woman Freddie Mertz was 'in like' with?  The woman he willed $$ to at death?  And, she passed just recently, didn't she?  Thanks for your reply.  JK :fabrary:


No, that was Patricia Barry

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