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Lucy Con in LA

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So I've been following this account that just popped up about a month ago on Instagram called LucyCon. It seems to be a a group of people putting together an LA based Lucy fan convention. I haven't been able to determine much about this as the webpage and IG account don't give me any details about it.


So I don't want to knock an effort but we've been there and done this fantastically from 1996-2001. And on top of that conventions need those who are connected to the fandom, and participated in the world that it's about. Well about 75% of those people who did the panel discussions at the original Lucy conventions are dead or a heck of a lot older now. I want to know if and who they've talked to about participating in this.


So what is this going to be? More of a comic con type thing were people walk around in costume and lots of merchandise dealers? And what new things is it going to do that isn't being done now or over the years at the Jamestown Lucy festivals? Sad to say but the ship has sailed on this type of event. I can get a 50's themed convention with a bit of Lucy but this seems to be all Lucy.


Here is the link to the webpage on it.


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"Funny" or should I say suspect that the contact links don't really work and take you nowhere worth spit.  While this doesn't sound totally "legit", I don't think it'd be a bad idea ultimately... Although so many of the "players" are now gone, aren't there enough fans with interest in the subject/Lady to make one more go of it, especially in LA where so many studios, locations, etc. where she worked, lived and played could be featured? I think so... and I hope I'm not in the minority!  I'd love to see this come to fruition! :HALKING:


I'd just love to know who's been back of all this!! :blink:

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