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Lucie and Carole Shine In Palm Springs

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Yes, both of the Mai Oui runners-up appeared in "A Tribute to Jerry Herman" at the McCullum Theater in Palm Springs Thursday, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

A great array of singers, each doing one number, with full orchestra and great sound system. (I hope they'll consider releasing a CD).

Lucie did "Whatever He Ain't" from Mack and Mabel (superbly, of course)

Carole had the star spot.  The finale had a chorus singing Hello Dolly as the women in the cast who had done a "Hello Dolly" production made their entrances one at a time with the image of them as Dolly was projected.  This line up included MISS RUTA LEE*....and LEE ROY REAMS!--the latter I assumed was a joke until his image was projected with the venue of Boca Raton listed.  Carole was the last Dolly to come one.  Then a high school marching band marched up the aisles doing "Before Parade".  During this the stage cleared, the lights dimmed leaving Carole alone in a spotlight who then delivered the "Ephram, lemme go" speech with all the drama and feeling of a true actress.  This segued into the first bars of "Parade" sung slowly (as in the original).  Carole was in great voice (helped by the aforementioned superb sound system that added a touch of reverb when the performers started singing).  For the 2nd verse the tempo picked up and the cast joined her onstage--and that ended the show.   Carole must have been a tremendous Dolly. After her 2 year tour of Australia starting in 1965, she has performed it in various locales, the last I know of was only 10 or so years ago!

Other performers you may recognize: Faith Prince, Christine Andreas, Vicki Lewis and one of my favorite cabaret performers Sharon McNight (if you ever get a chance to see her live, do).

Scheduled to appear but no shows:  JoAnne Worley, Michelle Lee


A letter was read from Jerry Herman, who was in NYC for the 20th was the official opening of Bette in Dolly. 


*From Row H, Ruta looks exactly the same as that back-stabber Audrey Fields though she is now old enough to be the mother of "Speedy". 

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From pics posted on his Facebook page, my pal Lucy (and so much more) artiste Dave Woodman extraordinaire was also in the house at what is annually one of, if not THE best "show" put on in Palm Springs and environs (this is the same one Lucie directed last year, which had a Sondheim tribute theme); killed me to miss this one with so much stellar talent involved along those present to witness the event, such as Miss Kay Ballard.  I'm wondering whether Miss Channing was able to attend, as she usually has in the past given she's a local and supporter of the McCallum.


Sadly, have heard despite the desire to that she was just not up to traveling to NYC for the opening night of Bette's version of "Hello Dolly", which from everything I've read has received nothing but raves.  I think it would have been so cool had Carol been able to attend...and hopefully she'll get to go eventually.  Sure hope so! :peachonthebeach:

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