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Hello Balll-y! is Here but be quick!

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Before youtube takes it down again.


Another video for my appreciative audience of ........about FIVE!


Isn't it strange to see Gale Gordon so much taller than Lucy?   And Gale/Vandergelder has one huge ear (Walter's)


There were times when I used Lucy's arms that the shot looks like "Lucy and Her Trained Hands".


Note the quick shot of 2 extra bagpipe players.


Lucy's Hello Solly is of course from the 1965 4th season episode with Ann Sothern, Jack Cassidy and Parley Baer.  I had to play around with the pitch of a couple of her notes to get her precisely on-key. (Give her a break: she was singing it acapella, after all!)


AND for the very end, to get the movie soundtrack and Lucy's "Solly" in the same key, I had to raise Babs's up a tone, so NYAAAHH to Streisand.  Lucy is singing in a higher key than YOU.




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I got away with a red-letter (warning?) notation "contains copyrighted material" as do 75 of the 204 videos I've uploaded.  (Some of these videos are work related and "unlisted")


3 are "Blocked worldwide"

1. "Shut Up, Barbra!"  which is too bad because it's a scream.  The "Forbidden Broadway" group recorded an impersonator of Louie Armstrong telling Streisand impersonator to, among other things, "Shut your trap, Barbra".  I dubbed this audio track into the movie visuals.  I don't know whether it was taken down by the Forbidden Broadway people or Fox for the use of Dolly footage.

2.My revised "Mame": another shame that you all can't see it.  I took the Broadway track of "Mame" and dubbed it into the movie visuals.  It really livens up the movie version.  Makes it SPARKLE with energy. 

3."Reta Shaw part 2" because of my inclusion of her song-and-dance show-stopper from the movie version of "Pajama Game" (which she had created on Broadway).  Portly Reta is amazing light on her feet. 


My videos don't get very many views.  A lot of youtube uploaders are very concerned about their viewership numbers.  I'm not.  I'm not sure what having a high number of views does for you, except boost your ego.  There are quite a few "thumbs up" and more than a few "thumbs down".


I've uploaded a few that feature my lyrics to TV Theme songs (that don't have any) "The Mothers In Law", "The Gale Storm Show", "December Bride" and "Here's Lucy if it was an MTM Production".  Many have made snarky cracks in the comments sections about my voice, but.....we all can't be Steve Lawrence! (as said Lucy about the criticism of her Mame singing, only substituted Eydie Gorme). I but don't fancy myself a singer,  but it's not like I have a staff of Martha Mearses, so I'm stuck doing them myself.


There are only a handful that have over 10,000 views but far and away, my most popular video is Judy Garland on a 1968 Dick Cavett Show (and this one continues to get comments, mostly about if she's drunk or not...I quit reading these a long time ago).  This one has 483,000 views, about 400,000 more than the rest combined.   Judy is a bit out-of-it on the Cavett show, but I think she's sharp and hilariously witty even at that late date (less than a year to live). 


A DISTANT second is the trio (Lucy, Valerie, Dinah) singing "Hey Look Me Over" on Dinah's talk show in 1976 at 24,000.  


As long as my videos are interesting to a small, select group, I'll continue making them.

I am always open to suggestions!   I've got a few in the works but none as ambitious as "Hello, Ball-y!"


If anyone would like to see any of the blocked videos ("Shut Up, Babs" the revised "Mame" or Reta Shaw doing high kicks) or if you're in one of those countries that blocks others,  PM me your email address and I can send them to you as a link from my Dropbox account. 

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