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Lucy trying to be Hep with Dinah....very weird program


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Some of you may know about this but....I'm always on the lookout for something "new" from Lucy that I never saw before. This Youtube find has to be one of the strangest and bizarre programs. Lucy appears with Dinah Shore on a TV special...trying to be Hep......(not to be confused with Hip).  Awkward to watch this show that was obviously trying to be Laugh-In with Dinah. A rerun of Milligan's Chicken Mash Hour would be more to my liking.....







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Lucy as Mary Poppins flying through the air gets me everytime.


With Carole Cook's voice!

Since Lucy did her own singing (and quite well) in "Like Hep" and the country trio's song, and not so well here (the key is way too high for her.  She finally gives up and sings an octave lower) why did they dub her in "Spoonful of Sugar" and her one line of "Big Spender"?   I don't think Lucy was anywhere near the sound booth when they prerecorded the "Dinah" but she looks so great.  Wish they hadn't spoiled it by running the closing credits over the song. 

It aired originally in the time slot owned by Bonanza.  One of the few specials to get a rerun (3 or 4 years later.  I don't know if it was a network rerun or syndicated) so the original ending had to be dropped.  As the girls winding up "Dinah", Shore yells into the camera "Be sure to tune in next week for the return of 'Bonanza'".  Cutaway to Smothers Brothers (Bonanza's soon to be cancelled competition) saying "Darn it".  Cutaway from cutaway: Lorne Greene guffawing.  

I like the "Like Hep" number.  I haven't watched the rest of it in a long time but I remember the sketches being bizarre. 

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