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Vivian's great niece (?) killed in motorcycle crash


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Just stumbled upon this news item about Vivian's apparent great niece who was recently killed in a motorcycle accident. See excerpt below. Can anyone piece together the family connection? In her obituary, Lou Ann is listed as being survived by niece Nancy Dingess but obviously the last names don't align.







The longtime manager of Walker Drug was killed in a motorcycle accident about 2 miles south of Moab on U.S. Highway 191 on her way to work in the early morning of Friday, July 14.

Vivian Klocko's friends said that she never knew a stranger, and her familiar, welcoming face was as solid as night and day at the drugstore, where she worked as manager for more than 25 years.

“She didn’t waste a moment of her life,” friend and co-worker Jennifer Rutherland said. “She loved life, she traveled the world and she was very active in all parts of Moab.”

With an adventurous spirit, Klocko traveled in search of the unusual. Her gregarious nature transcended social boundaries and brought her many friends from around the world. A trusting soul, she loved animals and was known for jumping into everything with both feet.

Klocko formed a tight bond with her co-workers, many of whom had worked together for 15 years or more, and all said that they had become a family with Klocko, who often alternated between the roles of mother and sister.

Close friend and co-worker Rhonda Applegate credited Klocko with helping her turn her life around when she was going through tough times.

“She always told me I was worth more than I thought I was,” Applegate said. “And that my past was my past. It’s time to live in the future.”

Applegate said Klocko would help anyone and that she would hire people off the street because they needed work.

“Then we’d have to train them on how to run the register,” she said.

A mother of three, Applegate said that Klocko loved her kids as if they were her own, and that together they had shared many outings, including trips to the Monticello fair concerts.

“I’m really going to miss her,” she said.

Vivian Harris Klocko was born on February 16, 1966, to John Klocko and Nancy Wells in Huntington Beach, California. Named after her great aunt Vivian Vance, of “I Love Lucy” fame, Klocko grew up the youngest child with her two half-brothers Phillip and Ron Templin.



More here: http://www.moabsunnews.com/news/article_b0c392be-6d5c-11e7-b11e-5f9fe91cd92c.html

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