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Six Degrees (or Less)

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It never ceases to amaze me how inter-connected people in showbiz seem to be.  I guess it shouldn't be shocking as they would naturally run around in the same circles, just as in most any industry.  Nevertheless, I keep coming across family connections that surprise me.  And often those connections lead to someone associated with Lucille Ball or her shows.  I figure there ought to be a thread for this to uncover some of the lesser known connections, and maybe make a game of it.  It would go like this:  Someone poses one of these questions, and the next person answers along with a new "family connection" question.    For example:


Question:  What is John Travolta's family tie to  Lucy?

Someone responds with the answer:  John Travolta's brother-in-law is the son of Bea Benadaret.


And then the new question (to kick this off):  What is this song's family tie to I Love Lucy?

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