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Desilu set builder reflects on career

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An interesting interview with Desilu set builder Edwin Williams, including interactions with Lucy:



Yet again, I marvel at how you FIND this stuff!!!

(A years worth of scripts written in advance ready for her review?? I don't THINK so!!) :blink:

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"Ball was the main creative mind behind Desilu, especially during the “I Love Lucy” show."


I think a certain Cuban deserves some credit.


And that script thing. Poor Bob, Jess and Madelyn must have had to write day and night all summer.

Like the writers didn't have their hands full to begin with! This is a new one. :blink:

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I think the writer mixed I Love Lucy with The Lucy Show.

Possibly...but there's still no way anyone wrote a year/season's worth of scripts -- especially back when there where 30-plus episodes!! -- in advance! Now some shows, usually dramas, may -- may -- have their story arcs etc. plotted out that far in advance but scripts all written that far out? Never heard of it happening..... and if it did, it'd be quite rare (e.g. My Three Sons, due primarily to Fred MacMurray's contract where he shot all his scenes for the season in one stretch [why he was accommodated in this way I've never quite understood], but that was the exception not the rule)...something doesn't quite "jibe"... but then these stories (not to mention memories!) :HALKING:

Upon learning of the anomaly of MTS production schedule, I've been curious as to just how they pulled that off...and for 12 years yet! :blink:

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