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Carole Cook in SF Aug. 20th

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For those in the general area, this is San Francisco's answer to the now defunct Los Angeles STAGE show benefit is scheduled for this Sunday the 20th.  They just don't attract the A list stars like they used to.  I don't recognize anyone on the roster except for Maureen McGovern and our own Carole Cook.    Because of family issues, I wasn't planning on going but Carole called me day before yesterday.  Evidently her segment is all about her experiences with LUCY and she wanted permission to use a video I made for her, probably 10 years ago.   I said yes, of course but they were going to use the video downloaded from Youtube.  When I looked at the video on youtube, I was aghast at the quality.  I think this was before many seasons of TLS and HL had been released on DVD so I was culling footage from my VHS-to-DVD transfers. 


To 'splain, these were 4 separate videos.  I put together all Carole's Lucy series appearances on 3 DVDs, so each of the first 3 videos is an introduction to the DVD.  The last one is the finale to Carole singing "Nobody Does it Like Me"

Here's the youtube link to that compilation: 


To me, it didn't seem like that would really work for them.  So I (Mr. Can't Ever Leave Well Enough Alone) offered to redo them.   So here are the new versions.


They asked me NOT to use the "Red Hot Mama" audio track as it's being used in some other capacity in Carole's presentation. 


Clips 1: follows Carole talking about Lucy bringing her to California and takes us through The Lucy Show with Carole as Effie

Clips 2: after she talks about the wedding, segues into Here's Lucy years.  

Clip 3: Evidently she's planning on SKEWERING Gary Morton!, hence the little intro with a shot of Gary, in case younger people in the audience don't know who this MONSTER is, I included Gary with the option for them to use it or not.  (Will Gary spin in his grave with such velocity that his toupee flies off?)  This is followed by the "finale".


 Because I was allowed only 3 minutes for all 3 videos (I went a little over).I had to do a LOT of editing of clips  Hence the extreme editing of Carole/Cynthia's Mai Oui song and "Be My Little Baby Bumble Bee".


Interesting note:  I sent the producer my idea for including clips of Carole singing for Lucy assuming he knew that she had.  He wrote back and said "I don't know why you're highlighting Lucy when this is supposed to be about Carole".  Evidently he didn't know this wasn't Lucy singing!  So I inserted a graphic saying with a disclaimer. 


So for those interested here it is.  Keep in mind I only had ONE day to do this.  The stage "manayer" said the videos had to be done TODAY Tuesday for the Sunday show, so I had very little time. 


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Northern California's largest annual AIDS benefit and gala is taking place this year at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco this Sunday, August 20. The 23rd annual Help Is on the Way features stars from Broadway, film, television and the recording industry, plus the best of Bay Area talent, in making a charitable effort on behalf of local AIDS service agencies.


This year's star-studded concert and gala benefits Meals On Wheels of SF and Positive Resource Center.

Scheduled to perform:
LEVI KREIS: Tony Award-winner (Million Dollar Quartet)
MAUREEN McGOVERN: Grammy Award winning Broadway star
TRENT HARMON: American Idol 2016 winner
JESSICA SANCHEZ: American Idol 2012 1st runner up
DAVID BURNHAM: Broadway (Wicked, Light in the Piazza) star
LISA VROMAN: Broadway (Phantom of the Opera/Les Miz) star
CAROLE COOK: Broadway (42nd Street)/TV star
GARRETT CLAYTON: TV (Hairspray Live), Film (Corbra) star.
MADDIE BAILLIO: TV Star (Hairspray Live)
PAULA WEST: Jazz/Cabaret star
JASON BROCK: X-Factor semi-finalist/Cabaret star
LISA VIGGIANO: Broadway World Cabaret Vocalist Award winner
EILEEN & LEA BOURGADE: Virtuoso Violinists
Cast members from the touring cast of SOMETHING ROTTEN
And world champion salsa dancers SALSAMANIA

MICHAEL ORLAND: Musical Director

SOPHIE AZOUAOU: 2017 Help is on the Way Awardee

Senator Dianne Feinstein & Mr. Richard Blum
Lt. Govenor Gavin Newsom
Senator Scott Weiner
NBC News Anchor Jessica Aguirre



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Carole and Alexandra on the same bill? So sorry to miss it!

KILLS me to miss it too, especially after having to miss the last LA one! :blink:

But I do have to remember that I was fortunate to have been able to see several of the SF *and* LA shows, both driven and led by the same producer/director, and both for their respective good causes.  Both versions of these shows were always chock full of talent, both top-heavy with Broadway-based performers and talent, as well as TV/movie vets who often surprised with their vocal talents as this show was a rare venue for many of them to get the chance to sing live on stage.


It also gave both "ends" of the state the opportunity to see Miss Carole Cook on an annual basis, as -- although she's LA-based --she's done BOTH of these shows every year for years.  She's quite amazing and I can't say enough about what a thrill it is to be a life-long Lucy fan and be able to see her in her element, live on stage, telling her never-get-old stories, jokes, "shtick" and singing, usually closing with "Before the Parade Passes By."


There's also a boatload of Broadway talent, this time out including one of my long-time favorite boy singer/actors, Mr. David Burnham.  He's one of those guys who, despite abundant talent, charm, charisma and looks-for-days for whatever reason has yet to "hit" with a huge, big part to shoot him into the stratosphere where he belongs -- and richly deserves, he's truly that good --it by no means diminishes his huge talent and he never fails to give a 1,000 percent -- he'll knock your socks off, he's so good.  He's as sweet and kind as the day is long, too. Love him!


If you're anywhere near the bay area and able to go support a worthy cause and a roster of amazing talent who'll put on a Broadway-caliber revue/variety, show, by all means GO I can't recommend it highly enough.  You'll have a great time and also know that you're also doing it for charity! :peachonthebeach:

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