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My Pet Peeve of the Day

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Explained in the 40 second video.

Both of these are Jack Donahue's direction, but it happens twice in Life with Lucy.

In the episode where Donavan Scott does his tumble (don't remember which), right before he tumbles, the camera switches to an extreme wide shot so you know SOMETHING is going to happen.  The wide shot is necessary to capture the action but they cut to it TOO SOON.  He can begin his tumble and THEN switch to the wide shot.  The other shot I would eliminate is the 'flooding of the store with bubbles' shot where we see a second foam generator,  ruining the 'realism' because we know they've put it there to fill up the store faster.

The world is so crazy now I need to concentrate on my little pet peeves.  My big pet peeves: I lose sleep over. 


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