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Lucy Painting


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In Kathleen Brady’s book and in Jimmy’s wonderful FAQ book the artist Roger Furse is mentioned as one of Lucy’s old boyfriends from NYC who at the time was into "exotic painting" circa 1930. In the Widow Morton auction the first painting below by Furse was sold. This is clearly a very young Lucy painted by Furse and has Lucille written in the corner.  The second painting looks like a Furse and the hair is the same. The first painting when sold was labeled circa 1969, but I'm not buying that. I would think that both of these were done around the same time, back in the 30s when they were dating. Since the first one was in the auction we know it was at the Palm Springs house. Do we know if one or both were on display there?

Then there is the rumor that Lucy had a nude painting done of her, potentially around this same time and by this same artist. I find this all intriguing. We have discussed that Brady book nude photo as clearly not Lucy. But do you think it’s possible that she would have been comfortable enough to pose au naturel for an artist boyfriend, one that apparently she almost eloped with, around this time?





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