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Lucille Ball’s Vicious Celebrity Feuds


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I looked into the story about the Katharine Hepburn incident.  It turns out that Lucy had an appointment with a very renowned photographer.  She had waited a year to be able to meet with him because she had to have dental work done beforehand to straighten her teeth.  So here it is a year later and she finally, FINALLY has her opportunity to be photographed by this great photographer.  She came to the studio very early that day to meet with the makeup man so she would be prepared for her very long sought-after, hard-to-get appointment with that famous photographer.  Only one makeup man was available on the set that day and he proceeded to work on her.  Then in the middle of the makeup session, Katharine Hepburn showed up and Lucy was shooed out of the room so he could work on Hepburn instead, and the door was locked behind her.  Lucy suddenly realized she had left in the room the new caps that her dentist had made for her.  The photographer would be arriving soon and she had to have those caps.  There was some sort of peek hole by the door and Lucy peered in and was asking the makeup man to please hand her the box containing her new caps.  He ignored her.  She grew frantic and frustrated and finally reached through the hole with a cup of coffee and tried to douse him with it.  It missed and hit Hepburn, who made a big deal out of the incident and shut down production for the day.  The incident was the talk of the studio that day and a lot of people were on Lucy's side, including Ginger Rogers and her mother.  Katharine Hepburn, for her part, ended up apologizing to Lucy.

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