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Alter Lucy PLOTS to make new episodes

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This was inspired by the alter Lucy titles thread. Keeping the same titles of actual episodes, come up with new plots that could also fit those titles.

Lucy Goes to the Hospital
After reading a magazine article outlining deadly diseases, hypochondriac Lucy suddenly fears she's got every illness in the book, experiencing more fainting and coughing fits than Camille. She finally checks herself into the hospital for a battery of tests, where, coincidentally, old friend Hal March just happens to be staying in the room next door, recovering from having his zorch…er, spleen…removed. A fed up Ricky persuades him to play doctor again and confirm all of Lucy’s worst fears to teach her a lesson.

The Christmas Show
The Ricardo’s and Mertz’s plans for a fun-filled Christmas are squashed by the untimely arrival of Fred’s weasel-like mother (Estelle Winwood), who positively hates holiday cheer and forbids anyone in her vicinity from being celebratory. They grudgingly try to go along with things at first, but Ethel has had enough after Mother Mertz goes around the building tearing wreaths off everyone’s doors, causing devout Christian Mrs. Trumbull to launch into a tirade of fury about the war on Christmas. Digging out the Mother Carroll trunk, and suddenly eager for one of Lucy's schemes, a plan is hatched to pay the old weasel a visit on Christmas Eve as the ghosts of Christmas past (Ethel), present (Ricky) and yet to come (Lucy), and finally show the miserable Grinch the true meaning of Christmas.

Lucy Raises Tulips
After finding a lost piglet sniffing around her prized garden, Lucy adopts the little porker and names her Tulips. Ricky is initially mortified, but even he is won over by Tulips’ sweet and loving nature, and Fred the dog’s new sister is soon the hit of the household. Things get a bit crowded, however, after the little piggy develops into a fully grown sow, but Lucy’s determined to see things through, even after Tulips gets herself into a little trouble courtesy of Ralph Ramsey’s boar.

New Neighbors
Fred and Ethel think they’re in the twilight zone when the new tenants in 3C are revealed to be Xavier Valdez and his red-headed wife, Lisa. Just as desperate to break into her husband’s act as Lucy is, Lisa and Lucy become fast friends, while Ricky and Xavier now have two wacky redheads to contend with. The new arrangement doesn’t last long, however, before Xavier and Lisa move to Hollywood to star in their own TV show, I Like Lisa.

Fred and Ethel Fight
Sick and tired of Fred always wanting to go to the fights, Ethel decides the only way she’ll ever get his attention is to become a lady boxer. Appalled, Fred tries to talk her out of it, but “Ethel Mae Meatcrusher” is a sensation and has no intentions of giving up her newfound glory. Determined to get Honey Bunch back home where he thinks she belongs, Fred digs out his old Golden Gloves to (literally) knock some sense into her...on national television.

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