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Lucy series ranked in "number of households viewing"

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It's not really fair to compare because the total number of households with TVs increased so much from the I Love Lucy years through Here's Lucy.  Even between 1962 and 1974, homes with TVs increased 32% (if my math is correct).   I left out ILL season 1.  It would have come in last  because TV ownership was so low, but most of those were tuned to I Love Lucy.  Here are the rankings in order # of households who were Lucy viewers as a season average.:

1.  ILL 6th season

2. ILL 5th season

3. HL 3rd season

4. TLS 6th season

5. ILL 3rd season

6. ILL 4th season--note that there were more TV households in  54-55 but I Love Lucy's number of households went DOWN for what was arguably the best year of the series.  I guess some people preferred "Medic", enough for it to last another season opposite Lucy before getting the ax. 

7. TLS 1st season

8. TLS 4th season

9. HL 4th season

10. TLS 2nd season

11. TLS 5th season

12. HL 5th season

13. TLS 3rd season--evidently we wanted our "Lucy Show" at 8:30 and not 9.

14. HL 2nd season

15. HL 1st seaston

16. ILL 2nd season (but it scored almost 70% of the 1952-53 viewers)

17. and as always bringing up the rear: HL 6th season.  However because of a slight increase in TVs, the 6th season was down only 5 % from its first season! and 12% from the first season of The Lucy Show, the year it got its highest rating (not ranking)   


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