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Lucie Arnaz (Latin Hall Of Fame)


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Great performance by Lucie Arnaz.  Also one of my biggest pet peeves that makes me cringe is the all-too-common mispronunciation of Arnaz.  Note the proper pronunciation of the name at the beginning of this video by the lady introducing her, as well as by Lucie herself at 4:49.  No, I'm not telling you to roll your R's if you can't do that, but at least do not pronounce it as if there's an E in the second syllable.  And note also that the Spanish Z is pronounced like an S.  There is no Z sound in either Desi or Arnaz or any Spanish word.  Thank you.  :)  By the way, Lucie could barely speak Spanish not too long ago from what I've seen.  She's obviously been studying and has come a long way!  Her dad would be so proud!  At the end she introduces Natalie Cole, who passed away a year or so ago.  I think this event was in 2013.



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