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We're doomed!


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Well if I happen to disappear from here you better check the Bastille because CBS has found my Instagram.   What a stupid thing to do. Don’t they realize this stuff sells the show more? And as they say in the article it is very hard to police. It’s not just Twitter, but Instagram, Facebook, Tumbler, and whatever else social media I’m not hip to that has thousands of screen shots, memes, and gifs of I Love Lucy.  I do know that the I Love Lucy Facebook page was posting full episodes on their page and had to stop that. I’ll post videos but since I make them for Instagram I’m capped at 1 min. The only video I ever got taken down was a Saturday Night Live clip of Desi hosting. SNL must have an in with IG/Facebook that anything of theirs will get flagged.

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8 hours ago, Freddie2 said:

Joke’s on you old fogies, I don’t even know HOW to take a screenshot on my computer, let alone upload it anywhere! Let’s just hope I didn’t admit to any federal crimes somewhere in the forum archives.

I can't speak for Macs, but on PCs, the "Print Screen" key (PRTSC on mine) captures whatever's on the monitor, and you can paste it into a photo program.

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