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Lucy exhibit in North Carolina


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This weekend on one of the Lucy Facebook groups a member shared some photos from a collector’s exhibit.


It’s the collection of this guy.

“A performer since he was a small child, DavidLCook also has a love for Hollywood Memorabilia. These items just happened to be given to David by Lucille Ball Arnaz Morton herself. David performed many times with LucilleBall on the USO tours along with Bob Hope USO PhyllisDiller and many others...”

First, has anyone heard of this guy? And I’m thinking that since this is in NC, it was one time in 1988 for Bob’s special there that this


He does have one photo of him and late 80s Lucy posted on his Facebook.

Second as I went through the photos of the exhibit and the person who posted them relayed stories David recalled Lucy telling him, I started to call BS. Well that got me blocked from the post but I feel I need to call this hypocrisy out.

2 bits of info from David were: Lucille did not like to be called Lucy as that was a character on TV and the Franciscan Ivy dish pattern was created by Lucy and once the show finished a dish maker marketed it.

First- as we all know Desi called Lucy, Lucy from when they began dating and after that pretty much everyone called her that.

Second- An easy Google search shows all the history on that dish pattern and that it was first sold in1948.

Some of the things in the exhibit, such as scripts, replicas of the dishes, and a few props from the kitchen can easily be bought on eBay, so I’m not complaining there. In the FB post below you can see bread coming out of the oven. I hope they are clear this was a replica and not the real prop.


There also were about 5 dresses, none of which looked like anything Lucy would even fit in and none looked like anything she wore on TV/Movies. Most were in the 50’s to early 60s style. There was a blue and white polka dot dress but it looked like such a modern copy of her iconic one, and a cheap, poor knockoff at that. From what I could tell the photos sitting in front of the display were from the auction listing and none showing Lucy wearing it. The poster said one of the dresses was worn in The Long Long Trailer. It was not. Not even close.

I just get so annoyed when people who barely knew the woman start passing stuff off as her’s and have no idea what they are talking about, but put an event together and dupe unknowing fans. I was trying to point this out on Facebook but I guess I was bursting everyone’s happy little Lucy bubble there. So, if he was a kid when he met her I can understand that he can’t recall everything that she may have said or that he is remembering things differently, and we know Lucy liked to spin tales too. So how he got this false information, I don’t know. And we also know that Lucy gave away her stuff, mostly clothes, but was she raiding her archive of props and 1950s dresses to give to this little boy? I hope they were not charging admission to this, and if they were, that the money at least went to a good cause.


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1 minute ago, Mot Morenzi said:

I'd very much like to learn more about this, too. It's upsetting to think of people duping legitimate fans or, worse, cashing in on someone's name just because they "knew" this person. 

I can't get to the original post but if you go join the I Love Lucy Facebook group, you will be able to see what I'm talking about.

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