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"Mame" new scene


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The last time I watched Mame with someone who had never seen it before, they pointed out that Mame got over her sorrow about losing Patrick pretty darn quick.  It takes her 2 minutes and she's howling at the idea of Vera teaching in a convent.  How does Mame know that Patrick isn't down on the street listening to this yok-fest?

In my "new and improved" edit of "Mame", I cut this scene out completely.  I cut from Vera's line "...an extremely modern operetta" to the "Man in the Moon" show on stage.  I don't think this scene works.  It's not funny and it's one of those scenes where Lucy's soft-focus shots get in the way (which I sharpened up in this clip).   "Mother Cabrini" and "during LENT!" may have worked onstage and the movie makers were obviously expecting a big laugh because they hold on a shot of Mame reacting waiting for laughter to subside...and there was none. 

And "Eagle-eye Carter" (Harry, that is) is the only other person who noticed that this is the ONE scene where you can see Lucy limp slightly ---as she runs to the door after Patrick. 


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