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Three for Two Trivia

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I found on imdb trivia under Three for Two "This special was berated by the critics and the ratings were not as large as Lucille Ball's previous specials. CBS worried that it would lose its number one place after more than twenty seasons at the top. This pretty much spells the end of CBS's confidence in television shows featuring Lucille Ball."


What verified this as true?   I remember it for bad reviews bit it was #8 I thought for the week probably winning is timeslot.   Also her next specials What Now Catherine Curtis won its timeslot at#16, CBS Salites Lucy was #2, and Lucy Calls the President was #12.  They even choose her to host Nashville special. 

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IMDB doesn't know what they're talking about.  True "3 for 2" did not get a great critical response.  Lucy was trying something new.  I've rewatched 3 of 2 and while I wouldn't call it riveting, it's not bad, not as un-entertaining as I remember.   When you put 2 of the greatest comedic stars of the 50s and 60s together for a special, the public expected LAUGHS and not thoughtful-intentioned vignettes.  I had 3 of 2 on VHS (long since gone) and my version had a LAUGH TRACK.  Evidently Gary had it put it for foreign distribution.  I know "Lucy Calls the President" was shown in Switzerland....because I was there when it was on.  It was dubbed, so very interesting to watch. 

I don't think CBS lost interest in Lucy.  She just had trouble finding something new to do for them.  

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I know the point of the second segment is a take off on Hernando's Hideaway, without the catchy song, but it's so damn dark ( I know it's supposed to be dark) that I feel like I'm watching it through a fog.

They also found the most unappealing young adults to plays their kids in the last segment. I'm not sure what age they are supposed to be. 18, 22? My god, just leave and go hang out with your fiends or apparently finance in the girl's case. 

The first segment isn't too bad but Jackie is such a boorish jerk I want Lucy's character to leave him in bed with all his food and go find some hot Roman men to live it up in the Italian nightlife. 

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