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On 12/18/2018 at 8:38 AM, Luvsbway said:

Good for him. Better late than never. I remember him most from the 1980s version of Hollywood Squares where Joan Rivers was the center square. Watched that every night. 

I had forgotten about him being on Hollywood Squares until he reminded us in this video.  And I had forgotten about him being on That's Incredible!  What I mostly remember him for is his early 1980s talk show, which included a memorable (to me) guest appearance by Lucille Ball.  I remember him asking her to say the first words that came to her mind when he mentioned the names of several people she had worked with through the years.  When he got to Gale Gordon's name, her response was "I love him!  I love him!  I love him!"

Later in the decade, I remember him having a strange round circle of gray hair on the side of his head.  I have never seen such a thing either before or since.  Most men start turning gray at the temples, and then get scattered strands of gray hair throughout the head.  But he just had this weird gray spot on the side of his head and nowhere else.  I much prefer this full head of gray hair he has now because that gray spot really bugged me.

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On 12/24/2018 at 10:24 AM, Neil said:

When I read thread title, this was NOT what I was expecting.   The look of current day John Davidson: I guess time will eventually catch up with us ALL.

Click bait.  :P But . . . this has been referred to as his coming out.  He talks here about how he spent the majority of his career hiding his beliefs.  Now he has "come out" of hiding.  At 2:30, he uses that very term in talking about George Carlin:  "Several years later, George Carlin sort of came out . . . ."  I don't know how else to refer to this process.

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