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New Play About Vivian

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Premiering at the Cape May Playhouse (New Jersey) in August. 

By Kim Powers
Directed by Roy Steinberg

August 7th-September 20th
Tuesday-Sunday at 8:00PM

It's the last night of filming "I Love Lucy" and America's favorite sidekick - Ethel Mertz, played by Vivian Vance - has a lot to get off her chest.  This new play gives a glimpse into the behind the scense drama of "I Love Lucy" as well as incredible unheard stories from Vivian Vance's extraordinary career.  


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"Side-KICKED".  Hmmmmm.......   This sounds like more Lucy-bashing to me.  Vivian as Ethel Mertz and Vivian Bagley can NOT be topped.  But would she have ever been a top-banana on her own?---if that is indeed the premise of this piece.   It's hard to tell with "Guestward Ho" because the script is so poor (Schiller and Weiskopf, I think!) and the single-camera laugh-track-when there's nothing-funny doesn't help.   Stars like Lucy could elevate so-so material like this.   I've seen very little of Viv's other solo work. 

Was there ever a second banana who shined as brightly as Vivian Vance?   Rhoda, I suppose.  Some may say Art Carney.  Yes, but he was very one-note (though a very GOOD note if that's your cup of tea). 


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A review.


I have to disagree with one point not even haven seen this. I think VIv seemed to have a sparkling personality. She seemed like a sassy broad that would be fun to hang with. 

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