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Lucy on The Jack Benny Program


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There were devices on the market to bypass Macrovision - I bought one, and copied loads of VHS encrypted tapes onto DVD years ago, though some recordings did display a fraction of unsteadiness at the top of the screen

One of my US bosses sent me one free of charge, he was a multimillionnaire who had a house with a film cinema and a collection of thousands of films and it bugged him that i could be stopped from having a copy of one of my favorite things. So he sent me a Macrovision eliminator which proves that if people WANT to have something and the rich Hollywood studios want to stop them, they will eventually make something to bypass their greed. I already HAD the original which i bought and because the VHS was no longer available i just wanted to make copies for Lucy fans, i wasn't trying to make money off their backs, i would send it to them for free.

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