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The Lucy Show: "Efficiency Expert" in Japanese!


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This came from youtube.  Their Japanese Lucy is a little too raspy for 1967, don't you think?

I happened to have been in Switzerland in 1978 and saw a dubbed version of "Lucy Phones the President".  Their Swiss-German Lucy was REALLY whiskey-voiced.  I couldn't understand the dialogue but I remember "(President Carter is coming to) MEIN HAUS!!"  It was funny to hear Lillian Carter speaking German, though for some odd reason you could hear the real Lillian in the background. 

In this TLS episode, they didn't bother much to try to make the words match the lips.  I once saw "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bear" (or whatever the title was).  It was dubbed so well I didn't realize the original wasn't in English. 

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