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Preview/trailer of 16 minute video I'm just finishing up.  I'm trying to make it Punchy Player-worthy but it's very HARD.

This project started out just being a Baby Jane version of the Patty Duke Show son ("But They're Cousins" changed to "But They're Sisters") and once I started, I couldn't quit and came up with 7 potential episodes!  This is just a short preview of the video I will post sometime during the next week, once I do all my nipping and tucking.  I hope you like it.


(Youtube message: "This video cannot be embedded".  Didn't say why, so I don't think this link is going to work.  Let me know. I will try again later today.  They didn't take it down for 'copyright violation" so I don't know what the problem is)

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I don't think I'd eat anything packaged by Jane Hudson!

I love how when she serves Blanche, first her dead bird and then the rat, that Jane takes the trouble of slicing tomatoes uniformly and displaying them in an attractive circle on the silver serving plate.  

BD's line: "All we ever see is that fat sister SLOUCHING around" is perhaps my favorite of the movie.  Jane may be a lot of things but while certainly not svelte, she's not "fat" in the classic sense. 

A little problem with the movie's premise:  It's been 27 years since the 'accident' ended her movie-queen heyday but evidently Blanche still has money from investments.  Then WHY is she housed on the second floor with no way down?  You'd think they'd 1) put in an elevator; 2) set up some room for her on the main floor; or 3) have moved into  a single story house by now.   

I've always loved the scenes between Edwin and Deliah Flagg.  We don't get to see Deliah's triumphant "I told you so" after Edwin returns from discovering what his "precious Jane 'Udson"  has done.   

Though the movie is fraught with tension, I wouldn't call it "scary" like Vivian Bagley does.  I wouldn't even classify it as a horror movie, which people often do.  It's actually very well made, taking the time to draw out the characters.  Example: the awkward attempt at conversation between Jane and Edwin after they meet.  Jane: "Daddy used to play piano and banjo"......Edwin: "Oh......"----long pause while he thinks of something to say and comes up with....."you know it's interesting.  The banjo is very native American instrument."  "Baby Jane" tends to be lumped in with later horror schlock like Joan's "Berserk" and Joan's follow-up "Straight Jacket" which is full of cheap tricks, but Joan Crawford, the actress, gives it her ALL and I give her points for that.  Willing to make a FOOL of herself, vamping her daughter's boyfriend, for example.   Bette got most of the acting kudos for "Jane" but I think Joan's performance is matched in excellence.  One credit I forgot:  "Technical advisor for Blanche's bed-harness:  Christopher Crawford".   One only need to view the awful Redgrave sister's TV version (on DVD entitled "Whatever Became of......?" for some reason) to appreciate the art of the 1962 movie. 

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