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Viv as VERA?


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According to a book about Auntie Mame, referring to the 1958 Roz Russell movie "Several actresses SCREEN-TESTED for the role of Vera including television's Vivian Vance."

The book is interesting, covering the novel, Broadway play, movie of play, musical and of course the movie musical (and what might lie beyond: it was published in 1998).   The author's treatment of Lucy's movie is relatively even-handed but only by comparison to those who seem to take venomous glee in ripping Lucy and the movie apart.  At least he got her age right: during filming she was 61, not 63.   But can't anyone write about Lucy in Mame without using the word "aging"?  Author quotes the worst reviews, ignoring the many reviews that were "mixed" with reservations about the film but pro-Lucy.     Milton Krim's Saturday Evening Post two-thumbs-enthusiastically-up review is never, ever quoted in any Mame writings.  And if it is referenced, it's dismissed. 

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