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Mot Morenzi

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Courtesy of the wayback machine, I've been perusing the "Ask Lucie" archive from the former incarnation of Lucie Arnaz's website. One question from the 2001 section popped out at me:

I know you once filmed a movie in British Columbia but I was wondering if you have been to Canada on any other occasions?  I was also wondering the same about your parents and brother.

Thanks, Brock.


LUCIE:  have been to Canada on many other occasions.  With the musicals Seesaw (1974), My One and Only (1985), my nightclub act (1989) and on several promotional trips.  It's a lovely country, and I have always enjoyed my stays there.  I cannot speak for my parents, but I'm sure Desi has been.  He's worked everywhere!

Was this our bored and talented webmaster, or by coincidence a different Brock from Canada?

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