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"What Now, Cynthia Duncan?"


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"Lucy Carter Meets Lucille Ball" is one of my favorites of the entire Here's Lucy series.  In the waning days of HL, they gave us 3 that make my top ten.  As much as I love "System", "Lucy Meets" would have made a better last episode.  I've never heard of anyone praising Lucy's performance in the episode.  She plays both Lucys as two completely different characters and sometimes they're in the same shot in the same clothes.   That's REAL acting.    

It's a clever script.  I can overlook some of the contrivances.  For a big star, Miss Ball seems awfully accessible.....and generous:  giving this total stranger a dress and a wig for the contest.   Lucy Carter as Ball flirting shamelessly with Harry is hilarious ("There's a fabulous door prize......it might be me.  Are you interested?")   Amazing when you think of how different a lot of plots would have been if there have been cell phones.   Harry would not have had to "come looking for her".    Although she has no actual lines, it's my favorite Carole Cook Lucy appearance 2nd only to the "Volunteer Fireman" pole sliding.   The funny thing: contestant daughter Kim/Lucie looks virtually nothing like Lucille Ball.  

To enjoy this video, you have to be familiar with Here's Lucy,  "Lucy Meets Lucy" and Cynthia Duncan in it, "Mame" and Carole Cook.  So it's got a very limited audience. 

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