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Lucy and Desi in Cuba


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I recently came across these 2 clippings in 2 movie magazines from 1942.  I know from Desi's book that he did a USO tour that took him to Cuba circa 1942. While there he had time to go see his family. From the story as Desi tells it in his book, Lucy was not with him. I have never been able to find anything saying Lucy ever went to Cuba with Desi. If this event in the clippings below did occur, then would that not have been a big enough deal to make either of their books?

Also isn't this the guy who led the revolution that Desi's family was on the wrong side of thus the house burning and country fleeing? Why are they having dinner with him?

I was under the impression Lucy never made it to Cuba, but I believe it's in a 70s Look article where she is talking gambling at casinos and one in Havana not being a good experience. So if she did ever go, when? 



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