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New Australian "Lucy" DVDs

Mot Morenzi

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Shock, the Australian company that released I Love Lucy here back in 2016, has clearly expanded their licensing deal with CBS. On April 1st, they issued The Lucy Show, Life With Lucy and the colourised I Love Lucy set for the first time down under. Exciting news for all Australian Lucy fans who need an isolation diversion!

(I must admit, the substantially larger package for The Lucy Show, though not as shelf-friendly as its U.S. counterpart, has me intrigued.)



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Lucky you! That would make me assume that Lucy is selling well enough to warrant more products. Those gigantic ratings on the covers of non-Region One DVDs always irk me, though.

And yes, the Lucy Show box looks really big in proportion to the DVDs next to it. I wonder how it’s packaged. 

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