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25th anniversary of the Challenger disaster


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Tomorrow marks the 25th anniversary of the day that the Challenger space shuttle exploded after launching, in which Christa McAuliffe would've been the first teacher in space and the students had to see her die in a fiery explosion. Very very sad. :(




I of course wasn't born yet so I don't remember anything.


Anybody who was alive and kicking in 1986, how did you feel seeing that on the news? I almost got choked up when I watched the footage on Youtube.


When I was in 5th grade back in 1999, our class went to the Planetarium and did a simluated "launch," and some of us worked at the "space center" and sent messages back and forth and went through the airlock and did all this cool stuff. I didn't really know what the Challenger disaster was at the time. I can't remember if my teacher talked about it but I'm sure she did. We even ate freeze dried food!

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