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I'm not sure why this section of the forum crashed. I guess it's one more thing to debug. LOL



RELAX!!! Seriously...."take it tizzy" and go at your own pace rebuilding this empire. You've been doing this since you were literally A CHILD. I have followed you SINCE you were a CHILD. I ain't goin' NOWHERE! :P

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Are you receiving any kind of error message?



The only time I get an error message is when I want to view a thread. There is usually one thread that is not affected, that is the "The Danfield Tribune". I can look at the thread replies in that one but cannot post, because there are no reply buttons.


This is what usually happens. I login in and it says it is approved and when the website comes up my user name is not shown(only sign-in) so I login in again and sometimes it does the same thing. The only time it works is when I go to a thread and it gives me an error message why I can't read the post and than I login in again and then it works.

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