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Lucie and Larry to perform for Unity Center


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It sounds like Lucie and Larry will be peforming in a concert to benefit what has become Lucie's spiritual home. Interesting article:


BigNews.Biz - Mar 08,2011 - Norwalk, CT - Unity Center for Practical Spirituality is proud to present an upcoming musical extravaganza: ‘Hear Our Song,’ to be held at the Norwalk City Hall, Concert Hall at 125 East Avenue, Norwalk, on Friday April 8, 2011 at 8 pm.


The show will feature Cabaret and Broadway numbers performed by a roster of talented national and local musical celebrities from Broadway, TV, Cabaret and film.


All performers are members and friends of the Unity Center congregation and a portion of the event’s proceeds will go to support Norwalk Hospital’s Whittingham Cancer Center and The Domestic Violence Center. The event is sponsored by Dr. Garrett H. Bennett, facial plastic and sinus surgeon and B. J. Ryan’s Restaurant.


“We have a lot of talent in our spiritual community and we really wanted to share that, as well as our philosophy for positive living, with a wider audience,” says Reverend Shawn Moninger, Unity’s minister.


‘Hear our Song’s’ line-up will feature 16 performers and includes Lucie Arnaz; actress, singer, dancer/performer, Laurence Luckinbill; Broadway/film actor and singer, David Friedman; film/theatre composer, lyricist and conductor of scores for Disney blockbusters like ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Aladdin,’ ‘Pocahontas,’ ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ and more.


Also on the bill is Norwalk’s own Broadway/Cabaret Performer Raissa Katona-Bennett, Broadway songstress Rosemary Loar, prominent blues/rock singer Lina Koutrakos, New York City Cabaret director/performer Scott Coulter, New York City composer/performer Kenneth Gartman and many more. The program will include solos, group numbers, duets and a finale with all performers.


Unity Center for Practical Spirituality has been located at 3 Main St. in Norwalk since 1991. The Center holds a Sunday Celebration service as well as a wide variety of daytime and evening workshops and classes throughout the week. Reverend Moninger describes Unity’s message as “a spiritual philosophy for positive living."


“We’re promoting a new way of thinking," he explains. “That people are good and have always been good.” And Unity members are unabashed in their endorsement of the Center’s teachings.


“Everything that Unity Center provides, has, quite literally, changed the way I live my life,” says Lucie Arnaz. “I have TOOLS now that I never had before to help me approach each circumstance with gratitude and have learned to experience and use my feelings to mature, emotionally and spiritually.”


David Friedman notes; “Being part of Unity has changed my whole life by giving me access to internal joy and peace and a sense of safety and possibility no matter what's going on. I am participating in this concert not only to let the entire community know that this wonderful resource is available to everyone, but to give people a taste of the joy and the talent that exists within the Unity Community.”


The entire congregation is excited about their upcoming event and happy to be able to share their musical talents while giving back to the community.


“We look forward to seeing everyone who loves Cabaret and Broadway music, live music and some great New York City musical talent,”


says Rev Moninger.


For more information visit www.unitycenterps.org or call 203.866.7004



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