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Desi in Movies

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I have to say, I think Desi is a great actor. I think he is SUPERB in Bataan. I like him in Too Many Girls and I think HE is what makes The Long Long Trailer funny. I watched Trailer the other day.. just had it on for "company" and I have to say.. I enjoyed him in it way much more than Lucille (which I think her character role is basically the straight man in this movie.. she only has funny physical moments.. desi cracks me up with his remarks and his facial expressions of his situation).. just because he was so real and believable.. I sincerely never really paid much attention since I was so enamered with Ball, but since I know her so well at this point in my obsession with her, that I can focus on the other players in the sceen!! Desi really is a wonderful actor and a hell of a charming guy.. that "charm" comes through with everything he does.. I can certainly see what she saw in him... I bet he was a super teriffic guy! :desi1:

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