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Lucy the Disc Jockey

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How many of you couldn't stop cringing during this episode? I mean it was funny but Lucy turned the recording studio into a shambles by knocking down all the records, screwing up the Spangles Soda Pop commercial, not getting to any music (also not playing the request number) and of course making the soundboard catch on fire and spraying fire foam all over it. She should've had someone in there with her but then it wouldn't be as funny. The only truly lolz moment was the end with the soundboard smoking and all the random sound effects going off. I bet she had to pay to get everything fixed out of the prize money she won. And I could tell when I first saw the Kaledioscope intro that she was saying "Christmas" when the clip of this episode played.


:lucy2: (while holding up the fire hose and getting covered in white foam) And Now I have a little request number. I'm dreaming of a whiiiiiteeee Christmaaaassss! WAAAHHHHHHH! :'(


And every time I see anything related to white stuff or water spraying out of a hose (namely this scene), I bet you know what it looks like. :lucyhaha:

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Ah Mooney the Monkey - surprisingly this was one of the FIRST Lucy show episodes I ever saw, not by choice! Thought it to be funny at first, but after comparing it to ALL the other episodes, cant say I have seen it "lately". :lucyeww:

And for a review of the brilliant Mooney the Monkey episode look to the five pictures of Lucy shown underneath the last post, Lucy's doing the review herself. There's talk of rerelasing the episode in SMELLOVISION. But the name might change to Mooney the skunk.

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