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And our 10,000th post goes to...


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Judging by our post count on the bottom of the main page, we should be reaching the 10,000th post at our new home any day now!


I can't believe it -- 10,000 posts since the end of August! :HALKING:

I know, i noticed that and i'm headed to thirty thousand myself but since the board exists, not since August, LOL!

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24 posts to go!


Considering it is 1:50 am EST, I have a feeling it is going to be one of the Aussies put us over the top!


Bring it home, Miki, Steph, and David! :marionstrong:



ETA: Or maybe it will be HC who appears to be up putting mileage on his new bedroom slippers right now. :lucythrill:

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I can't believe that I WAS THE ONE TO REACH 10,000!!! I just walked in as well from dinner and saw that it was 9,999 and I made sure I clicked it over to 10,000!!! Congratulations to everyone that participated in reaching the 10,000 post point!

Congratulations to you and to the board Mikidiki.

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