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My Lucy Show Discs - Problem - What Do I Do ?

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This afternoon, I took my Season 2 set of TLS over to some relatives to show them a couple of my favorite episodes.


The 2 episodes were on separate discs, so I had to remove 2 discs from their respective spindles.


To my surprise (horror), the center part of the discs cracked and a small piece of plastic flaked off. In one case, a small part of the silver label of the top part of the disc was affected.


Will CBS replace these discs ? Has anyone else had this problem ?


I'm concerned because I have read that once the silver label has been "breached", that discs often will not play.


I handle my cd's and dvd's with great care. In fact, my family jokes about my being so fussy about my collection. So I will be thoroughly disgusted if CBS tells me that I mishandled the discs and will have to fork over another $30 to purchase a second copy of the Season 2 set.

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I have the Proof of Purchase from the cover art.


I purchased it several months ago now from an internet retailer - not sure which one - I'll have to double check.


The problem stems from the fact that there are very fine tolerances in the spacing between the spindles and the center of the discs.


I don't know what others are experiencing, but the CBS / Paramount discs are often very difficult to remove from those damn (oversized) spindles.

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Please be sure to let us know what you find out!


My only suggestion is to buy one of those giant CD holders and put your DVDs in there. That's what I did for my ILL DVDs so the box wouldn't start to fall apart. Once we've got all of TLS, HL and the specials I plan on getting a huge one and putting all of my Lucy discs in there.

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I checked with DVD Empire (the internet retailer) and with the website for CBS DVD's. Neither was willing to help. They each directed me to contact the other.


Does anyone know if CBS / Paramount Home Video has a technical assistance or a quality control tel. # ?


I handle all my dvd's / blu rays with great care and I expect to be able to remove them from their spindles without having the discs crack and crumble on me.


Thanks for any assistance you can offer.

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