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Lucy, Betty and Backgammon


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The Atlantic Monthly just published a great new interview with Betty in which she mentions Lucy:


But do you find that many of your younger co-stars asking for advice?


Not really. Advice is a hard thing. We just have fun together, but we work so closely. I'm so lucky to be working with that group on Hot in Cleveland—Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves, and Wendy Mallick—that it's not a case of asking advice. It's wanting to hear stories about earlier times in television. That's all anecdotal.


Your co-stars in Hot in Cleveland have all gone on record saying that they always hoped to have the chance to work with you. Were there actors when you were starting out that you hoped to one day work with?


Well my problem was that I started right around the time television started in Los Angeles. A good friend of mine was Lucy Ball. Her mother and my mother were best friends. So Lucille would be the one that you'd think that about, but it was like I was working with her because we were buddies.


What is it like being buddies with Lucille Ball?


We had such fun. She was always going to teach me backgammon. She was determined she was going to teach me. So we'd get together and she'd have it all set up. But her idea of teaching was, "Alright here, I'll take my turn. Now you throw the dice," which I would. And then she'd move my pieces here and here, and I'd say, "Lucy, how am I going to learn the game if you're playing the game with yourself?" But we did it a lot and had fun.




I'll post the full interview in the Betty thread.

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