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The Missing Episode between "Sentimental Anniversary" and "Fan Magazine Interview"

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I must have missed a vital episode between "Sentimental Anniversary and "Fan Magazine Interview", because the Ricardos go through a most dramatic change from their "Sentimental Anniversary" to the first morning on "Fan Magazine Interview". Alot of things must have happened to get Ricky and Lucy there. But what?


They are broke? Lucy is rationing food for breakfast and complaining that Ricky is tight on the budget. After they both spends loads of money on gifts for each other and buying alot of champagne to celebrate their 13th. Wedding Anniversary.


Why is Papa Bear sleeping in Mama Bear's bed and vice a versa? What happen to Ricky's socks.


If they are now so broke, why does Lucy have so many kitchenware that she can't find storage for it, except in the bottom broiler area of her electric oven?



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I'll have to go watch these two episodes, I've never noticed/thought of this before!

It was the most perfect Wedding Anniversary ever celebrated on "I Love Lucy". Lucy and Ricky buy each other expensive gifts. It is usually Ricky that buys Lucy a special gift. Even the Mertzes go the extra mile in celebrating the Ricardo's Wedding Anniversary with a surprised party. The only mishap in this episode is that the Mertzes are interrupting Lucy and Ricky from celebrating it alone. It is just so funny that the mood changes in the next episode when Lucy and Ricky look like they are falling apart and they are less lovey dovey with each other. Who prepares a skimpy breakfast for their husband in the mroning before they go to work? The lovemaking the night before must have been babalu-lousy. :lucyeww:

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Hey.. she isn't putting kitchenware on the broiler pan, that is a drawer for storing kitchenware! Most electric stoves (especially in that era) have drawers to store your pots and pans!.. NAW.. they aren't broke nor did they go over budget.. just a normal husband/wife moment where she spent money elsewhere and is now paying the price of not enough food! Who the heck doesn't do that once in a while!!! "oh Boy.. When I kiss em they stay Kissed!"

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