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Lucy on The Flip Wilson Show

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Loved this one so much, great show. Even when Ed Solomon touches her boobies unexpectedly, she lets it go as the wanderings of a senile old man, LOL! Ed had lost it by then and apparently had loads of trouble getting work and remembering anything but Lucy NEVER forgot a friend who had been good to her before. Oh i am so sorry, that's not the sketch YOU showed, i was talking about the one with Ed Sullivan and Flip's hilarious female character.

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THIS IS A CLASSIC!!!! LUCY AND FLIP HAVE TERRIFIC CHEMISTRY WORKING TOGETHER!!! This is a real enjoyable skit for a special, usually they aren't as good as this one is. :lucy1:

And the OTHER one on the SAME show was even better, with FLIP as Geraldine and Lucy getting together. Flip was one of the all time best comic actors around.

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