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The Case of Mooney versus Carmichael

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- Calling his dog Nelson as a star witness against his owner in court


- Losing Nelson


- Subjecting Nelson to Wayne Newton


- Breaking and Entering (with Cake)


- Blackmail (threatening to tell the garden club that he was seen climbing in the bedroom window of an attractive divorcee)


- Smoke and Water Damage to the Danfield Bank

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Lucy breaking Teddy Mooney's gift to Irma Mooney.: The Ceramic Cat


Lucy getting Irma Mooney's ring stuck on her finger.


Lucy getting Mr. Mooney in trouble with the pilot on an airplane.


Lucy getting Mr. Mooney fired for getting drunk with a client on her lunch hour and forgetting to get his signature on an important account.



Lucy pretending to be sick to get a day off to go shopping


Mr. Mooney slipping on a welcome mat breaking his leg which Lucy gave him for a gift.

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