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Anyone know what happened with the next Lucy special dvd?


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It seems like they were taking a break from Lucy dvds (with the exception of the "best of" HL collection coming out). Nothing so far on amazon and MPI's schedule goes up to September 27th so far and no sign of it. Maybe October?

Well, at kleast we know it's planned and coming, maybe there's too much being released right now with BEST of's and seasons ansd books and all. Maybe they're pulling a ROSS and are on a BREAK from releasing too much Lucy at one time?

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You still have time to join our LOBBY group, FRIENDS OF THE LUCY IN LONDON SPECIAL BEING ON SEASON 5 OF THE LUCY SHOW, we meet every Wednesday at 2PM.


LOL! Sadly there is a time difference and I have a life... err I mean a busy life ;) Just jokes...... I dont have a life :HALKING:

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