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Lucy at Claremont College - Nov. 2nd 1985


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I searched around online but couldn't find anything -- even searched the Claremont College Library.


If no one else here can find it, maybe give the library a call?


I'd love to see it, too, if it can be found! :)



I think I have that one, not too sure. Ill look around.

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Does anyone have an audio (or video) recording of Lucy's Q&A session at Claremont College on Nov. 2nd 1985 ?

Hello there,


Did you ever find anyone who had any audio or video of the event at Claremont College? I also would love to hear and or see it again. I was there! I remember how excited I felt to be there. I would love to relive the memories of the event. If you find it, please let me know. I would so apprediate it! Thank you!

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