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Bill in a My Three Sons Commercial

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Nice, why isn't this in HIS thread? And i wish you had the What's My Line where he appeared, he was so different and singing and everything, a real charmer in that one.


When was he on WML?

When the Game Show network ran them I had a Tivo-DVD-recorder combo and set it to record every night for the entire run....Missed a few but got most of them. Luckily GSN ran the whole series again, I think, before canning it. They're in order so I can find it if I know the approximate year.

WML started in 1950 and some of the early ones did not survive, but it's amazing as many of them did----all kinescopes, even when they recorded them on videotape. The last season, 66-67 aired in color, but the kines are b/w. The show is not nearly as engaging after Dorothy Kilgallen's (still mysterious) death in Nov. of 1965. She did the LIVE show at 10:30, went home and wrote her next day's column and died during the night.

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